More about search engine optimization and promotion

i am new to this forum, and am sure that somewhere around the answer to my questions have been addressed and redressed many atimes, but as i cant find it, i’ll risk apearing like a complete newbie and ask again.
i recently opened a website , (need all the promotion i can get :wink: ) and want to make sure it rtanks a high as possible. i am up against giants like dell hp compaq pcshop tiny and the like, so i need every bit of help i can get.
how do i get the site up the charts with a very limited budget ?
i am looking for tryed and true methods, simple things optimizing links the full montey.
thanks in advance

by the way, if you guys wish to come in and give me your honest (and if needs be brutal) feedback on my site, i would be very grateful. suggestions are welcome aswell

that works on most search engines except for google which $$$ works but i don’t think you have enough to compete with dell and hp at least it think google is the only one to use crawlers that search the site not meta tags correct me if i’m wrong

well there are engines that use Google’s in their search i think. Your pagerank is 0/10 so you may want to link to other related sites, add more relavent content, etc to boost that.

site looks alright. The header could be sharper though.