More ff7 advent children

site about advent children with character bio’s and a new trailer, or atleast one that I have never seen before

first time i’ve gotten to see it, and I’ve gotta say WHOAH! I’m going to die if I can’t see it when it comes out.


Sepheroth kicks MAJOR ***

Who here will replay FF7 before the movie comes out?

omfg, that’s so nerdy. :sigh:

But I probably will. :slight_smile:

i probably won’t unless the comp version is alot better other than improved graphics

The good part about the game was the gameplay and story, replay it for that.

How is it nerdy? :nerd:

It’s not. Not at all. :slight_smile:

Mainly because I’ll probably do it too, and I am not a nerd. Slightly geeky, perhaps, but not a nerd. :slight_smile: