More of A Legal Issue

This is more of a legal issue but I’m not sure where else to ask it. I made this photo presentation in flash for my grauating Jr. High Class. It was awesome, they loved it, I am now known as “The Man”. Anyway, I had probably a dozen or so people come up to me just in the few hours after it and ask me if I could put it on a CD for them. Here’s my question… There is some copyrighted music in the soundtrack, if I burn a bunch of CDs with a copy of the show on it and sell them for cost, to make no profit, am I still infringing on the copyrights? I am 99% sure that for a mickey mouse project like this no one will ever find out, so I’m leaning twoards throwing it all into the wind and doing it anyway but I will make sure the school isn’t affiliated just in case. Anybody who knows the laws would be of great help.

P.S. I’m in the U.S.