More text files in one flash?!

I have made a menu and i have some text files but how can i link my buttons to my text files in the menu?

mzzl chooku

what kind of text files do you have and how are they in Flash?

are you talking about text fields?

how do i link text to a button i’ve made in flash.

I don’t understand…

do you want to have some text come up when you press on a button?

There are many ways of doing this…


You could put the text on a layer somewhere, put it in a movie clip that you set invisible onClipEvent (load), and then the button sets _visible = 1 ;

That’s only one way to do this.

pom 0]

Well, you could also have a MC with text on it, set to tween down when a button is pressed and then have it masked by a mask layer. This would be more of a sliding down type menu.

thnx i’ts working