More Work

Here is a bunch more pics. Some are complete, some may never be completed. If you have any questions, hit me up. Thanks for the help Replode…
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Some of this stuff is old, back in school.

i love all of them! ALL!!! What else to say? You’re **** good.


Nice work. What did u use to do the city-exp image? Was that in a 3d app or illiustrator plugin?

Thx :slight_smile:

Thanks! It was Vector Effects for Illustrator.

pretty sweet man

That is totally wicked man, well played,

where can u get that illustrator plugin ?


illustrator is not a plug is a application all in to itself Adobe’s vector solution. look in their products section for illustrator 10

all of them are just great. have you ever thought about writing tutorials for creating some of the effects in those pics?

so what is the “vector effects” he mentions ?

DOnt quote me but I thing he just means he used a vector tool meaning illustrator. And then maybe some blend effects that are available with in illustrator

It actually is a plug in that was created by KPT. It is now owned by Corel. I used it when I was using Illustrator 8. I looked on Corels site and didnt see it specifically but you can buy, locate it from just about anywhere. I dont even have it anymore but am gonna look around and find it. Here is a path to a site with a write up on it.
Sorry I havent been around. Im layed up in bed…Nasty flu.

sorry to hear about hte flu. but one question, what 3d apps do you use? this is amazing stuff!

I thought u id that city one with a 3D app and used like a cartoon filter. I really like some of those a lot. A lot of talent:)

None of it is 3D. All 2D photos ive taken along with a lot of Vector overlays. Ton of Layer Masks and various ways of blending layers. Its been bout 4 years since ive had the opp. to work with a 3D app. FINALLY, my boss is interested in 3D and were gettin Maya. So, soon, I will have some 3D stuff.

How did u do that first one Then if it isnt’ 3D?

Those mech ones and the city ones are amazing… I love them soo much… Great job!

Ahh…Well, I dont ever think of Bryce as being 3d but I did a basic shape with a few thin circles running through it. Rendered to .psd and then copied half, flipped it to make it symetrical (a lot of messin until I got something I like) Then a lot of overlays, smudge tool, layer masks and a lot of mession with the layer props…overlay, multiply and so on.

Those are amazing! Seriously, those are really sweet.

Can you make a desktop out of some of them? If you could that would take over my PC for a while :slight_smile: