Most annoying things of the moment?

What is your most annoying thing of the moment?
Could be a annoying habit u have or something your annoyed at?
Mine are the Ringtone adverts on every 10 minutes on every channel starting to take over my brain dam that [color=blue]raving hippo[/color] !

Well, it’s been a pretty good day, actually, so I can’t really think of much to complain about. Except for maybe the fact that my mother is the most compulsive over-the-shoulder reader in the universe, and it’s slowly beginning to gnaw away at my patience.

Had I seen this a few days ago, I would have said the fact that the Sox continually lose games just to spite their fans, but with three wins in a row under their belt, who am I to complain?

Perhaps the fact that I have to do homework over the summer. It should be banned. I don’t understand why they shove such a workload on the people who don’t really need the extra practice… grumble who needs AP classes anyway?

Well, now that I’ve thoroughly depressed myself…

Haha that’s going somewhere I don’t know where but it’s hilarious!

:frowning: Sorry to hear that. I was really upset when I saw it was you that posted this; thought things were looking up. Well they will soon, if they aren’t already. Or at least stabalize. You’r too cool for them not too.
Although I doubt you need some guy from, I don’t even know the distance between locations, telling you, oh wait, you are halfway around the world huh… anyway, whatever. your cool so deal with it. haha Im going to sleep.

Florida news stations.

“Breaking news-a tree fell on some guys house in Apopka! More at eleven.”

most annoying thing for me at the moment is missing my gf really bad…i dont get to see much of her…not much contact either…its not raining in delhi and weather sucks, but weather is hot and humid, my visa processing for uk is all is taking a lot of time, rest these flirts at my store bug the hell out of me…india’s lost one cricket match to pakistan…more or less its missing my gf guess if its sorted out others wont matter…pray tht i reach uk asap :frowning:
thanks for hearing my rants :stuck_out_tongue:

Barbara doesn’t look that bad.

Why is my spoon so god**** tiny?! I’m trying to have some soup. It’s a pretty big bowl of soup. But the spoon is so tiny, it’s gonna take me all day to finish it. What’s the point??? Stupid tiny spoons… :m: