Most annoying things of the moment?

What is your most annoying thing of the moment?
Could be a annoying habit u have or something your annoyed at?
Mine are the Ringtone adverts on every 10 minutes on every channel starting to take over my brain dam that [color=blue]raving hippo[/color] !

Probably my grandmother trying to win an argument, stating that Bush’s daughter’s are hot.

Sry but they don’t look that good to me.

Anything reenacted by bunnies.
The ‘badgers’ flash files.
G-mail hype
The weather.


Hmm, probably digitals grandmother trying to win and argument.

Old threads bubbling back up to the surface again. Martha Stewart. Will and Grace. Stupid know-it-alls who’s “facts” are nothing more than dolled-up personal opinions. The Clintons. Having to defend defend my faith against people who just don’t get it.

Oh, and not really being able to tell if that $30 Nioxin shampoo and conditioner is really doing anything to keep my forehead from creeping ever higher.

the kid in my class who completely blew me off for a group project like 4 times.
but too bad for him, hes the one failing now, im the one with the A… *[size=1]

[size=2]and people who put a drum loop with a synth loop in acid pro
and say they are musicians… or worse… dj’s.


  1. gMail Updates
  2. Low Carb Diets
  3. Michael Jackson
  4. Laci Peterson Trial
  5. Anything on the Discovery channel related to cars, building cars, etc.
  6. Anything on the Animal Planet not related to snakes, leeches, koalas, lemurs, zerglings, and more!
  7. MTV (where’s the music?)


my ADD and my annoying uncontrolable shaking hehe… those annoy me =)

bush and kerry, enough said (keep in mind I dont live in USA ;))

Yea I’m tired of Dubya…

where you live berkowitz?

im sick of them and I DO live in the USA =)

the fact that our novell client is logging and running scripts after the windows login executes - when it should be vica versa so our users see and agree to the user legal notice…

deep breath

Lets see,

The news in general or what was mentioned above in regards to these high profile cases, I mean who cares. Do they bother to mention cases where a neighbor kills and eats his neighbors? No they get stuck telling us about one guy who killed his pregnant wife, I mean its bad but lets move on, a 1,000 other more disgusting murders have happened already.

Working 5 or 6 days a week or 4 long ones just to take an extra really sucks. One day we will have ****ing robots to do this **** and then we can sit around and enjoy life instead of working 40+ hours a week for what?

The price of gas, come on lets come up with some sort of inexpensive transporatation already. Or make people ride horses again.

Technology, why the ****ing y2k didn’t happen!!!


Do you need a hug man?

San José, Costa Rica

Central America :wink:

yep, all days bush and kerry bush and kerry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

patronising people

Tony from Tile it All (Anyone in Scotland will have heard this f***er’s advert on the radio)

Jamie Theakston

Companies who have you in for interviews that go really well and then don’t offer you the job because, and I quote, “We don’t feel you’d be happy in a role such as this. We feel you’d be more happy in a developmental role and we’re afraid none of these are available”…I HAVE A MORTGAGE, I’ll tell you what job I’d like, ONE THAT PAYS DECENT F***ING MONEY

Premiership footballers b**ching about how tired they are at the end of the season

Working for a living. We don’t do the things we should in live because of jobs or money…if neither existed we could all live like kings

Eve…if that stupid b**ch hadn’t ate the apple we could all be in Eden

The Olympics, all the athletes with a personality are no more so who cares anymore

Film stars being interviewed about their lives and not their new movie, I don’t care what makes Mel Gibson or Will Smith tick, I wanna know about their movie and thats it.

THe one time i relized that I had a virus and dumpt all my files on a server. Formatted my harddrive had it all installed once more then found out that my server crashed and all my files where lost… and this happen 3 days ago :’(

I am from San Jose, CR too