Most popular party drinks

My friend is throwing a party next Friday and I am trying to help him out. I don’t drink very much at all and therefore, don’t take much notice of what people drink at parties. However, we need to work out what drinks would be the most popular and therefore, needed the most…

I’m referring to alcoholic drinks of course :). We know we will need plenty of water but other than that, we’re not really sure.

Any suggestions would be great.


any thing with VODKA (or without), that will get you ****ed:smirk:

also try these links

yeah when I drink its vodka, pretty much always striaght or with a chaser. It depends on the crowd though too. Some just want beer, others want more hard liquor while others take whatever is available and is happy with it.

beer is for watching football at pubs

not partys;)

beer is sooo for parties… though… you have to drink loads before you get drunk… and then you puke :slight_smile:

just make everyone bring their own - that’s the best (cheapest/easiest) way :wink:

***** drinks

next you’ll be saying barcadi breezers are for partys

of course :wink:

mountain dew all the way.

Add grain alcohol to it if you like, but nothing beats a good old mountain dew.

to anyone in England

have you seen mountain dew in your shops

i have not seen thats for years along with TAB (remember that ****)

dont remember TAB.

but yes… they stopped selling Mountain Dew :*(

I was heartbroken :frowning:

Why drink that stuff?

just a question on drinks

why has mineral water got a seal by date

it has been in the moutins for millions of year and they don’t add any thing to it “that what the say” so why is it when you put it in a bottle it will only last for 6 weeks (-:

/me thinks it has something to do with bottling. and also, when it’s in a mountain, or in a stream/river, it’s flowing. so it doesnt go… manky :slight_smile: Also, apparently, water is better for you when out of a glass bottle as opposed to a platic bottle :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s “best to drink by date”. I’m guessing that after being bottled for X amount of time, the plastic might start messing with the taste or something wierd like that.

I didn’t know canned cokes could go bad until I tried one at my grandparent’s last year. It was 3 years past the date, and it tasted like aluminum. Yummy.

Tequila - Schwepps is a classic. Vodka - apple too.

This is making me thirsty… :evil:

*Originally posted by NaliWarCowZ *
It’s “best to drink by date”. I’m guessing that after being bottled for X amount of time, the plastic might start messing with the taste or something wierd like that.
that’s pretty much it :wink:

*Originally posted by IshiXP *
**Why drink that stuff?
what are you talking about? he’s setting up a party, not an annual gala.

Drink pepsi. Britney spears and shakira endorse it.

Heh. Well, I prefer Pepsi over coke but I don’t really like either of them :P. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, my friend and I really appreciate it :).

Thanks a lot,

[Definitely getting some vodka, some tequila, some orange juice, some lemon juice, some beer/ale, just need to decide if we need some alco-pops too (for the ladies/weaker guys ;))]

c0cktails (otherwise that dumb bot will take the c o c k out :trout:)
naaah. If you buy some vodka dont buy Absolut. They do have some of the best ads with all those bottle shapes… but the vodka tastes like toilet disinfector…

A drink that goes down well and doesnt have too much alcohol for the lighthearted consists in peach syrup - half beer and half lemonade… (leeme get this straight. What I call lemonade is fizzling water with lotsa sugar - almost no lemon. Thats what we call it down here…)

Thanks for the tip :). And btw, I’m surprised you’re still alive seeing as you have tried toilet disinfectant :stuck_out_tongue: (otherwise, how would you know that the vodka tasted like that? ;)).