If I Was A Beer

if you were a keg, and someone tapped you, what kind of beer would come out???

i would be…

~a light amber ale, easy on the hops, infused with raspberry and served with a twist of lime

the breakdown :

red cuz im a readhead
not too many hops, cuz hops= giddiness, and i’m pretty mellow
raspberry for the artsy me
and a twist cuz i’m full fo surprises

HOW ABOUT YOU!!! :pirate:

hmm id have to be… jack dizzan… strong and puts you under the influence… >=]

hahaha. wtf is jack dizzan?

Sorry golgi, here I am!

I would be… umm…

I would taste a bit bitter at first, but I go down smooth and with a great after taste… But offcourse as I am half russian it would be mixed with vodka and shpirt* as well as your dose of communism… :beam:

serve cold… :stuck_out_tongue:

*shpirt: the vapor of boiling unleaded gazoline…

and I would taste like fruit punch… because I like fruit punch…

hehehehe. i had a beer like that once. a great homebrewed oatmeal stoudt. minus the vodka. and the shpirt. heheh

woops, my beer didnt taste like fruit punch. nm. haha

:sigh: Thats what they always say… and then its let me have another tast oh plz… and that leads me to start giving out beer like water! :slight_smile:

beer + water = weer

lol, thats hilarious…

beer + gogli = :toad:

hahahaa. you said it.

p.s. beer + golgi = “checking message lengths on one liner posts”

Woohoo… I dont drink that much beer… acctualy…
Are you in to wine?

i have no choice - full blood italian, - MUST like wine… lol

if i was a wine i would be a nice San Margherita Pino Grigio, cuz that’s my fav :slight_smile:

If I was wine, I would be…um… umm… Molson Wine… :whistle:

:crazy: molllson…

hey! i thought of another cool thing about montreal, aside from the molson, Chably is only like 3$ a bottle, vs. like 13$ here

Yeah, I love the Montreal Jazz fesitval , i got to admit…


You mean you dont know???
Oh you missed something… its a festival of all kinds of jazz and stuff that dosent resemble jazz… its all free , its huge, goes on during the summer… at a place called Palce des Arts… its friggin awsome!! !! :crazy:

ive been b4, it was just totally random…lol. took me aback for a second. hey, is it warm up there yet?

Can’t say I’m down here now…