Motion Tween Vrs. Movement Using Actionscript

I wanted to know what is easier motion tweening or movement using actionscript ( becuase sometimes my motion tweening doesnt work and it gets me mad thanks for your time.

it really depends on what you are trying to do. Personally, I like AS movement. You can just use a simple If statement to make it stop moving or reverse direction. It saves on file size, etc.

I like a/s movement as well, and use it in 90% of what I’m doing… I like it though because it’s more dynamic… tweening is technicaly “easier” to do, so I voted for that one.

To create a arched tween is definitely easier than programing it with a/s. Creating a random movement is impossible with tweens. Creating a random movement that has traits of a arched movement, is easiest with both tweening and a/s.

I would say that the most important thing is having a healthy understanding of what works best in each given situation.

Yeah, I misread the question when I voted. I thought it said better, but it really said easier. Tweening is easier, but with actionscripted motion you can definitely do a lot more.

I like AS more… saves file size… more options…
Now that you’ve mentioned it… I think that’s the reason I started messing with flash in the first place…
Imagine how boring flash would be if there was no actionscript…
btw das! nice avatar you’ve got there… I really like the dancing banana… or… whatever it’s doing… =)

well… I like them both and there is a time and place for both. I see some guys struggling over code in actionscript to create a very simple effect for tween. Makes no sense.

So, it depens!

i still havent really learned a/s. i know the CRUDE basics of a/s but i like the motion is more. Tweening is simple but i want to use as more, its simpler and does everything tweening does, mostly.

thanks for your comments and yes that is my dancing banana look at him living it up!!! lol