Motion Tweening Dynamic Text


I just read the tutorial on how to make you text clearer and easier to read. I changed my text from static to dynamic and i could see the difference, but i want to fade this dynamic text in and the only way to do that is to embed the fonts…so i embeded the fonts but this makes the text blurry again, any ideas?

I tested this by makeing to .swf’s and 2 html’s (published) and compaired them. Is what i say correct or am i just seeing things?

TIA - Marcellinus

Haha, a question like this was just posted by someone else, so I will just copy and paste what I wrote to them…

In the words of Kirupa

The answer is, unlike movie clip objects, text field objects contain system generated data such as text. Text that is static can be modified by the user or Flash into any numerous forms including being made transparent. Because we are using Dynamic Text, Flash will not transparent the text in the text field. You may see the background become transparent and disappear, but the text will be bold and bright as ever.

Quote taken from: in the ask Kirupa section towards the bottom.