Newbie ?: Fading Text Tutorial

Hi all,
I am a newbie at this and I have been going thru the tutorials with success.

I was trying the fading text tutorial and it seems pretty straight forward but when I go to view my flash My text just shows and does not fade in and out.

Its almost like it is not looping thru the entire thing.

any help would be greatly appreciated


If you have your text field set to Dynamic Text your text will not fade out.

If you MUST use Dynamic Text you should put it in a Movie Clip and fade the movie clip. It will work then.

Thanks for the reply lostinbeta,
I checked my text and it is set to static text.

One thing I did notice is that when I go to control -> Play the text actually does fade in and out. its when I preview it or publish that it no longer works.

I can send you my file so you can see if you would like to help out.


That would be great. Just attach it to your next post in a .zip file :slight_smile:

I just created this example of fading text using the tutorial on this site.

thanks for your help

Hmmm, incredibly odd. What you can do is select your text box and hit CTRL+B twice. This breaks apart your text so it becomes a drawing, then you can tween it out. Of course it also makes it so that you can’t edit it directly, you would have to retype something else and then break that text apart. Breaking it apart works great, I tried.

This is the only solution I could come up with for now. I have to get ready to leave for vacation so I didn’t have time to mess with it too much.

Thanks for all your help on this. I just found the solution.

if you use one of the standard _fonts it will not fade at all.

for instance I was using _serif and that will not fade.
But if I change fonts to something like Garamond it works just fine.

so the solution is not to use any font that begings with a underscore.

Once again thanks for your help

Ah, I did not know that. Very interesting.:-\