Mouse Events on the Display List

Hi all,

Ok ill try my best here:

I have a garment class which extends Sprite. Each garment class has 2 children on the display list:

var hittest:Sprite //basic rectangle sprite to use for drag and drop of the garment itself
var artwork:Sprite //this is a simple piece of vector artwork imported from flash.

The artwork is visually important and the hittest is just an approximation for moving the Garment item.

When i add artwork to this structre. Then hittest gets covered unless i do this:

artwork.mouseEnabled = false;

The problem for me comes with this:

I need to be able to always keep the garment draggable via access to hittest. However, IF an item is placed on the character, then i want to artwork to also catch click events. (to open a colour pallette).

So i must make artwork.mouseEnabled = true to catch these events (but it blocks drag now).

The reason i am here is because of a byproduct of that. Even if i do somehow manage to keep the dragging enabled on hittest sprite, i have noticed that MOUSE_UP, and DOUBLE_CLICK always fire a MOUSE_CLICK event. My head turns to mush because now it seems that im going to be wrestling with the color pallette opening when i dont want it to.

I hope this makes some sense.