Movie clips

I have a movieclip consisting of pictures that is set to a scroll bar. You can move the scroll bar left or right.I want to be able to rollover one of the [pictures on the scroll bar and u can an enlarged verison of the picture. My problem is that when i did this by adding the big pics to the over state on the button it would be centered but if i used the scroll bar and moved it to the left, the enlarged pic would not be centered as it moves wiht the movie clip. how can i make the button a rollover and kepp the enlarged pic centered and be albe to move the scroll bar left and right wuith out the pic leaving its position

What you can do, is create a separate movie clip to house all of your images. Then on that movie clip, add the larger image in there. Create a keyframe for each image you add.

If you have 10 images, you will have 10 keyframes. Give the movie clip a name, and then go back to your buttons. Instead of actually adding the image to the Over state, simply right click on the button in it’s main state (not editing) and choose Actions. In the box, use the Tell Target function to customize which portion of the movie to play. For example:

on (rollOver) {
tellTarget ("/imagemovie") {
gotoAndPlay (“image1”);

The movie clip is named “imagemovie”, and the frame label it will play is image1. It is best to add a stop action to every keyframe in the movie clip that has the image on it. That way the image won’t loop continuously. If you use Tell Target, make sure that it says " on (rollover) instead of on (release). If that is the case, simply click on that line of code, and uncheck the box for release and check the box for “rollover”.

I hope that helped. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]