Movie keeps playing when i leave webpage

I have run into a sticky problem in IE7.

A visitor can click on one of four links on an HTML page. Each takes them to a correlating anchor position within a movie that is located on another page.

When they click on the link, they are taken to that page and the movie begins playing at that location. So far, so good.

Some visitors hit IE’s browser back button to return to the orig page. There, they click on one of the other anchors and are once again taken to the page with Flash. This time, however, the audio from the first anchor they clicked continues to play below the new audio they selected.

Apparently, the original link doesn’t stop playing. Is there a way to stop a movie from playing as someone uses the browser’s navigation to leave that page? Is there another solution?

I’m a novice at AS3, and really need the help.

Thanks. The links page is here (just click on a photo to begin the movie. The most problematic link is the first one, “Larry”)