Movie won't load

Hey everybody. Got a new problem :sigh:

When i click the website button, it should go to websitecontent.swf in the container in _level0.instance1, but when i click, the movie just go to frame 1 and stop. When i test the tween where the buttons and that are in, it’s fine and works.

Please check fla:

Simon Henriksen

I had this problem to. Check the scripts you have made. And I haven’t checked the .fla, but do you have preloader in it? I quess it is so. But if you don’t have one, he might not be working. That was the problem, that I had. Also it could be the host does not support it, what I never have seen before.

Let me know.

I have a preloader yes, and it has nothing to do with my host. It don’t work when I’m testing and debugging the movie on my machine.

Hmm. Let me download it, then I’ll check it. Hang on.

Have you found out anything?

Ive just had a quick look but im not really sure how its supposed to work.
I was unable to find a variable _root.currMovie,there does not appear to be any script telling _root to play in order to get to the frame to loadMovie and the path to container is wrong.
Maybe you could put on your website button
on (release) {
_root.currMovie = “websitecontent”

and in the last frame of the main movie

I am probably missing something here but as i said before, i`m not clear what is supposed to happen.

I got the wrong file uploaded. I’m having a different problem, and you’re very welcome to help me. It’s in this thread:

ive just had a tinker with your original file and stuck a couple of swfs in just to test and i think it is working how you want.Ive only put code on 2 of the buttons and youll have to change to the name of your swf. Ive also stuck a simple preloader on but you`ll have to upload the files to see it work.
If you want to resize the movies you are loading in etc, you can do it within the preloader code. I hope it is of some help.

There’s nothing in the .fla. The files size of it is 0kb…

just uploaded again

Still no change…

Thats funny because i can download it ok but i have had problems uploading all day.
see if this is what you want to happen; as i said earlier i have not resized the movies

It’s not this problem. The problem is the dark grey interface. I want that to load externally and when i try to do that this happends:

well can upload the 2 files you are using not just the one.

There is something in your websitecontent.swf which must be referencing _root and telling it to to goto another frame.

There is something in your websitecontent.swf which must be referencing _root and telling it to to goto another frame, try it with another swf.

You’re right!

I just can’t find out where it refere to _root, but if i find it, what should i use instead?

You can take a look at the websitecontent.fla here

Thanks in advance!

first frame
bytes_loaded = Math.round(_root.getBytesLoaded());
bytes_total = Math.round(_root.getBytesTotal());
getPercent = bytes_loaded/bytes_total;
if (bytes_loaded == bytes_total) {

you also have some code on c1-01
on (release) {
_level0.instance2.container.loadMovie (“websites/image0.swf”);
is this deliberately done?Anyway this too is targeting _root

Okay… what should i change it too? have no idea…

on (release) {
_level0.instance2.container.loadMovie (“websites/image0.swf”);
is this deliberately done?


if it is targeting container in this movie, it should be

on (release) {
this._parent._parent._parent.container.loadMovie (“websites/image0.swf”);