movieClip stops tweening after setChildIndex

I have several movieclips inside a container clip. At certain points on the timeline, i need different clips to be on top of the z-order. So when i add an action keyframe to my “action layer” that uses the setChildIndex, the clip moves to the top and then stops tweening. No tweening is occuring on the offending clip at the frame of the actionscript, it’s later in the timeline it won’t work.

also, it seems a new movieclip is being created becuase i can see the original on top of everything, then later in addition, another one tweening like it’s supposed to.

I’m using as3 in cs3.

if somebody maybe has a better idea on how to do the z-order thing with movieclips that would be awesome too. Thanks in advance.

here’s the code on the keyframe, sqrBot is the instance of the movieclip i am working with.

this.setChildIndex(sqrBot, numChildren - 1);