Moving an image and adjusting it's size

I’m looking for a tutorial or code or FLA that would allow me to adjusts the parameters of an GRAPHIC or MC with the click of a button using ACTIONSCRIPT. Here’s what I’d like it to do.

  1. graphic/image is filling a masked area
  2. when a button is clicked the graphic/images zooms out OR adjusts it’s size to reveal more of the graphic/image within the masked area
  3. when the button is pressed again the graphic/image returns back to it’s origianl position and size
  4. when the button is pressed a third time the cycle starts again at #2 etc

I’d like to be able to control the speed and easing and the size of the graphic/image in which it moves using actionscript because the tweeing I’ve used is very CPU sucking.

Is there any way to do the above? Any fla or tutorial would be awesome. I haven’t found anything like this that controls the size of an image as well as speed and easing.

Thanks in advance.