Moving picture

this may be a really simple question for most of u, but i can’t figure it out.
please refer to the fla file if u wish to help me.
may i know how to stop the picture while the picture reach the side.
and how can i make the picture to move itself after i press the button once.

Is this what you mean? Also… I changed a lot of your code, if this is what you meant, you were definitely doing it the hard way.

(check attachment)

where is the attachment?:o

Well that was odd. I attached it, but it didn’t go through.

Well, heres to trying again…

[edit: AND IT WORKED!]

thanks a lot, lost!
it’s exactly what i mean.
now i m doing zoom in and out.

for the fla, u had fixed the _x so that it will stop when the pic move to the location.but, say if i increase the x,y scale, then the fla will not work properly.
and i realise changing the xy scale to do zooming is not that good, bcos when we push the zoom button for long time, then the pic will become reverse.

so,is there any way to make a graphic look like zoom in and zoom out, except increasing and decreasing the pic’s x and y scale?

Oye… you just have to be difficult don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I will see if I can find a way to dynamically do this.

ok, i think there is no other way to do zooming except changing xy scale.(may be there have.)
so,is there any way to do zoom in(no matter how many time) the picture and still can move around the WHOLE pictures?
and then can zoom out only until its original size and still can move around whole picture.
thats mean no matter how big is the picture, i can still move around the whole picture.
By the way thanx for Lostinbeta for helping.

I was trying to do something like that and thus far unsuccessful.

I will keep trying though.