Zoom in out

HOW do I zoom in, out a picture? I mean a picture has a guy and a table. I want to make it a bit live by zoom into his face. Please give some advice. Thank you.

You could tween it or just change the _scale along with the event handler of your choice (ie on (press) (enterFrame)
Have fun.

You could do it something like this (simple example)
onClipEvent (load) {
//get the initial value for the scale
scale = 100

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
// if the scale is greater than zero
if (scale > 0) {
// set the x,y scale of this object = scale
this._xscale = scale
this._yscale = scale
// keep subtracting 5 from the a value
// to decrease the scale all the way to zero
scale-= 5

or you could use one version of the picture that is zoomed in & one that is zoomed out.
Lay them ontop of on another & use a mask to create the enlarging effect.

Good luck