MrMass Interactive V

sup all :slight_smile:

here is version V kirupa, so please check it out and tell us what you think about it :slight_smile:



Simply amazing. The detail in that thing is just out of this world.

Can you say “site of the week”?

goodthing it’s called Showcase & Critique… allowing everyone to avoid the latter… ****… that’ll get some contracts :wink: week? some may say ‘year’… how big’s your team?

maybe im just really drunk but i think i had to click enter 3 times to view the site??

other then that, another great job :slight_smile:

Ya, I noticed that too.

good looking site but why tha hell do i have to click so many times to get to the site? its kinda boring and annoying towards the user…

edit: progressive emotion technology?
2advanced slogan is: progressive design technology…:slight_smile:

I like it, but I liked the previous one more :slight_smile:

It doesn’t fit in my 1024x768 screen. Loiking good though.

Yeah, doesn’t fit here either (1280x1024);

music sounds like something out of a future britney hit, once shes had ten kids, tons of surgery and her 4th drug addiction… lose it

other than that slick

you need some kind of progress on the loader. Just having an animation is not good. It took a while on my fast connection and I did not know how much was left. I like he detail, but for my taste it is real cluttered but that is not to say it is not good. Had viewing issues on hi-res and clicking did not seem to work first time around when trying to get in. I thought it was just a splash at first. overall good job.

Very detailed and slick, and unlike egeek’s site it didn’t slow my computer down :sure: However I agree with DDD about the clutter and everyone else who said having to click enter 3 times is irritating. I think the best way to fix the clutter problems while keeping the detail would be to fade it a little. Right now, everything is striving for my attention, but my mind can’t focus on everything at once.

on the other hand, I’m running 1280x1024 and I’m having no trouble fitting it, so that’s not so bad - but I think you should appeal to a somewhat wider audience and shrink it again to at least 1024x768

one thing I could suggest as well for the clutter. Is not to have all 3 sub-navs open. Click one open one. If you click another close the first. I would say tone done the bgrd too but I think did that purposely.

Yep agree with the multiple enter screens thing as well as clutter. Why does the logo, which acts as no more than a giant preloader, take up most of the real estate? The navigation system is great - love the design of the submenus, and I like the 2nd music track a lot. But the entire middle of the screen is wasted. Eye candy is great but the wow effect only lasts maybe the first two visits to a site - after that people just want information (unless it’s so stupendous they want to show it to their friends over and over). But the information itself looks cramped and can be hard to read in certain conditions and for certain people.

And finally, I’ve seen some sites where they have their music fade out to a stop when you launch one of the websites they’ve built so you don’t get conflicting sound tracks. That might be something you want to look into - you have some amazing skill so it shouldn’t be too hard!


I liked version IV better. sry. The sound and graphics dont seem to flow in this site. It has too many things going on at once. Please please change the music loop, it gets sooo anoying!

Other than that, NICE WORK!

keep it up!

Thank you all for replying and for pointing out some of the things that I will be fixing in the days to come. I know that there is a lot of things going on, and god knows how much time we spend developing the graphic side of this site, and then coding :slight_smile: there was at least 10 different ideas and we desided to go with this one.

The fact that you have to click 3 times to go in…? where do u see that? There is only one click away to enter the home page. I kind a like the sound on the entrance but I understand that some of you would expect better, we will change some sounds very soon :slight_smile: I also know that the size of the site is few pixels bigger from what is supposed to be, what do u think about going full screen? DDD thats a great idea for the buttons once u click one the other one close, and also for the % of the loading thats good too, I will probably add that too :slight_smile:

aritheman this site slogan has been progressive emotion technology for long time now, I dont see the reason why would I change that just because 2A hase something similiar, let them change if they want to!!!

Lunatic thank you for such a good points, I do like the track 2 as well :slight_smile: some really cool loops to be done in the download section we are working on it right now, I also have to figure how to do sound fade out once another pop-up is launched…I also know that about us section is hard to read, will fix that too, and finally I want to say that I post the site here cause is still under development and has few things to be fixed and thank you all for commenting I will look into the each thing soon.

3D nirvana…its a good thing verison 4 is still online :slight_smile:

Thank you all


ok 3 times click in = fixed, there was a lillte mistake in the code, within that .html page there is like 2 places to change the name of ur .swf file, and I did change only one, but the second one was still there, so on my pc everything was ok, but on my girlfriends mac she also had 3 screens…thats fixed now :slight_smile: at first I was like huh 3 clicks…huh… also about us text is much more lighter now :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again

preloader man preloader…

loader + new loop updated :stuck_out_tongue:


When is the link to the fla and psd going to be working? I would be interested in seeing that.