Check it out

Well I’ve gone and re-done my whole layout - the last layout I posted was one I created a while back. Let me know what ya think. Thanks!


  1. Enter button is hard to find
  2. Why must I click enter when site is loaded :puzzled:
  3. Site design is kind of bland
  4. I really like the color options, that’s cool :slight_smile:
  5. Rollover effects/colors can be improved
  6. Once you click on music you can’t get back to the navigation :evil:
  7. The title of your site is “new” :evil:

Not a bad job, but needs some work :slight_smile:

Okay, I really like the splash page design. It feels…designed.
Once I enter the site things feel very generic, not designed but just placed.
I would up the framerate.

sometimes unexpected things happen, like clicking on a pic opening up a whole new browser window with thumbs. A pop-up that recenters and is smaller than the main browser is okay from time to time, but one of the great things about flash is that you can embed EVERYthing.

I don’t like having to click twice either.
Why do you think I need to know what time it is. I’m using a computer.

I really don’t care about color options. When I go to a design site I want to see what you think about design, and how your site is composed, including colors, tells me that in part, particularily if you design web sites.