Multiple drop down menus

hey i got on a site multiple drop down menus that are enable by gotoandplay with a few lables like over and etc… well my problem is that when putting multiple drop downs next to each other that when u mouse off the button the menu should go up… but due to the buttons being next to each other the closing states kinda stick and dont always close…:evil: so… i heard that there is action script out there to take care of this problem… if anyone has any ideas…let me know…thanks

on the button that you want to pull a new menu down with have
on (release) }

i think its near enough that anyway sum1 will prob do it right for me

and in the “whatever frame” have the animation for the the other box going away
then after that actionscript have

whatever frame 2 will be the animation of the new menu going down

hope it kinda helps


i got that much but when i put more then 1 menus next to each other the over stats that make the drop downs go away mess up… i heard there were actions script to help this …

anyone help?

I’m not sure what you are saying, are you talking about the problem in flash where when you move your mouse over a button to fast it does the roll over but not the roll out? I guess this could be solved by constantly evaluating the position of the cursor and checking if it is over the button.

yah if u know how to do that let me know

I had that problem, I changed the frame rate to 60 and I dont seem to have a problem now ( )

I can’t remember where I found this example. It is not mine and I would like to give create to the person who created it, but I can’t remember where I got it.


I Hope this helps