Music animation / stopping and loading

Hey everyone. I could use some help this one. It should be easy for some of you though.

In a movieclip, Frame 1 - will be a preloader in a way. I want it to play this movieclip while another external moviefile… s1.swf which plays a song. I want it to keep on playing the movieclip which is only in frame1 until the s1.swf file is loaded then it should goto frame2.

this is what i did myself. i’m not good at the programming stuff.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
loadMovieNum(“song1”, 1);
if (_framesloaded >= _totalframes) {
} else {

yah sorry about that last message… i just fixed it up a bit… but i still need yoru help.

now instead. i want to load the movie… externally. however, it will play one movie clip while it loads… while the other is invisible. and when it is loaded the preloaded one is invisible and the animation plays… so how do i do that?