Music animation / stopping and loading

Everyone has seen those animations occur when the music plays and then stops to a halt when the music stops. I’m trying to do the same thing right now. I’m not good at programming so any help will be great.

Basically I have a remote with forward, play, stop, and rewind. There are 5 songs. The mc, called player is within the main timeline. First thing I want it is to load the nomusic animation… which is a mc within the player mc. then when the music loads it’ll play the workign animation when the song loads.

also i’m trying to avoid going to different keyframes and states. so when song 1 is played, and if the forward button is pressed i want it to go the next song. etc…

note: all my songs i have embedded in a separate .swf for each one.

ne help!? :slight_smile:

can you post the .fla? for me to analyze

email me… or give me your email.

[email protected] and i’ll send it to you.