Hello again all.

I’m interested in developing music for websites and games. I’m a big fan of the type of music that you used to find in games like Final Fantasy or even in New Age CDs you’d find in any given Earth Shop in the mall. I don’t know where to begin looking for software and/or keyboard, etc - I’m not sure of what’s necessary. Thanks again for your time and thought.

Hey Marigold,
I asked several musicians on various gaming/computer boards, and they don’t seem to respond :frowning:

I’m clueless also. I was using clips of musical instruments from an acid pro cd. But controling various sounds over and over, though small in file size, is difficult to time.

Still looking for a good way to create small files with good musical background

That’s ok. Thanks for asking. I’ll keep looking also and will post here if I find anything.

It all depends on how deep you want to go into the music,
Q-base is the biggest but it requares a lot from you, you must b able to play a synth it’s a very complex program but on the other hand it’s very littl that you can’t do with it.

Then there is Soundforge wich is my favorite, quick and easy and it offers a lot off effects.

On my site I have used e-jay for the background loop that is the cheapest program, but it’s fun and easy.

<a href=>here is one loop</a>

ha… I’m using Acid dj too. Sweet program and great for creating small loops really quick. I think it ran me 29.99… not to shabby for what you get.

It’s great when you dont have to ruin yourself for some fun :slight_smile:

John I really like your buttons… they have a pretty mouths ummmmmmmmm yes …mouths ha ha ha … Im going to my room now!!!