Must.... use... swift... 3-d

Yes so I’m sitting here. Staring at my boxed copy of swift 3d. Staring at a cdrom disk that costs 170$. Staring at my cdrom drive, that refuses to work.


I called compaq only to pay 2$ a minute for them to say "sorry you have to buy a 60$ warranty plan to continue.

I went to best buy and taking their advice, changed around the ide cables and the slave/master thing.

No faqs, online or part of manuals were any help

I reinstalled the original factory driver for my cdrom.

And still nothing!
Could my cdrom be burnt out after only 8 months?
Tomorrow I’m calling the manufactuer, I hope they tell me to pay them more money, cause they’ll get the finger in return.

I can’t stand reading the incredible manual(swift3d) any longer… it’s too tempting!

What to do what to do what to do…

It could. I’m not sure if it is, but it certainly might be. I burned out a Motherboard after three months of use. It sucked and I had to just take a loss on it.

Lucky for you cd roms are pretty cheap now. At least if you just need a basic player.

You know… you might be able to download a trial of swift from online and just put in the serial number from your purchased package. That usually works fine, though I don’t know if the company is still offering the trial download. Worth taking a look though. It’s a very cool program.

I already checked, they don’t offer the download anymore…

Looks like I’m gonna have to go buy a new cdrom drive tonight, I think I can get a good one for 50$. It wont be a burner though :frowning:

I’m just gonna walk into best buy and say “Gimme a drive that doesn’t suck please”

By the time I actually get to use swift, I’ll have read the manual so much I can re-create mario 64.


Hey man, if i were you i would check the connection…open ur puter and check the cables and if that doesnt work…Remove the drive and put it back in you computer should detect it and maybe then itll work…Dont waste anymore money its happened to me b4. :nerd: Hope it worx

Best of luck…

also, though you might have to wait a few days for it to arive you should be able to find a much cheaper drive online. I’ve seen CD R’s going for as cheap as 25 dollars.

You should be able to get a decent cd-rom for like $10-20! Check My friends and I have purchased from them before and the package arrives lightning fast. It also wouldn’t hurt to check for great deals now and then. PC parts come really cheap if you know where to shop.

Now have you tried other CDs in this rom? It could just be a faulty Swift CD? Knowing how poorly I treated mine, I can’t imagine rom burning out so easily after 8 months. I have had this generic one for 5 years, I have dropped and kicked it accidentally while toying with the insides and it still functioned.

Here’s another tip: don’t go to Best Buy. Fry’s is a much safer bet - you could buy a component, open it and try it out and if it doesn’t work, you could return the open box and get a full refund (given that you return all the components). I did this just yesterday with an incompatible motherboard.

Now if the CD-ROM isn’t working with any CDs, there’s really not much to lose, so you could try reinstalling it. Go to Add/Remove hardware and uninstall. Reboot and Windows should detect a new hardware. Reinstall the drivers and cross your fingers. Try this at your own risk.