Trial version of Swift3D for Mac

Where can I download a trial version of Swift 3D v. 2.0 for Mac? In it is not possible.

WAKE UP AND ANSWER MY SIMPLE ONE QUESTION…! HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE??\r\ri dont understand you flashers!!!\r\r\r\r\r\r- ThA CrAzY 1

Jesus you people are impatient… it’s not like you’re paying us or anything for our time. We are voluntiers. Please be patient while some of us do things like earn enough money to eat this week.\r\rAs for downloads, please read the post entited “freeware, shareware, etc.” at the top of this forum first. If there is not a site listed there from which you can download the software, then we haven’t found a site that is legal yet which offers it.

have you tried at cnet?

seriously, can ya actually h-e-l-p me, i dont need crap!\rseriously seriously seriously~!

I told you what to do. If you don’t like that answer then you’re asking the wrong question.\r\rWe have a very strict policy against piracy here at Kirupa. I realize that you are not looking for pirated software, BUT the only answer I can provide legaly is the one I gave above.

oh and if you don’t want Crap don’t post this\r

WAKE UP AND ANSWER MY SIMPLE ONE QUESTION…! HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE??\r\ri dont understand you flashers!!!\r
\r\rAre you paying me for my time???\rare you paying ANYONE here for their time?\r\rIf not then post and wait. If you don’t like the time it’s taking, move on. No one is here to catter to your time schedule.

***Quote:***\r<hr>\ri dont want crap!\r<hr>\r\r\ri dont like crap on this board! crap! this board is not answering my one simple question, and i AM looking for pirated/non/pirated software, i want it pirated but not illegal!\rman! seriously!

you would like software. READ THE THREAD I DISCRIBED ABOVE. It is thumbtacked to the top of the thread so it never goes down. It’s right there at the top.\r\rIf you want more than that thread provides, go away. You’re desire for pirated software is not acceptable here PERIOD.

ok… I just looked at that thread. here is the link\…D=58.topic\r\rcurrently we have NO SOURCE available where one can get swift3D for free for Mac.\r\rNow since I had to go an look and find that out for you, I’m even more pissed off. I would appreciate it if you would now stop asking this question. We simply DO NOT HAVE A SOURCE FOR THAT. From now on, find your own ****ed information instead of asking other people to do your work for you.\r\rAnd lose the attitude, it will get you no where life really quickly.

\rThe crap u put up with upuat8, I feel sorry for you…\rsome people… shakes head

joins phaseshift and shakes head as well. The problems of piracy will not be solved unless the literacy rate among those who argue with us is solved :slight_smile: