Please help!

I cannot load things of a cd… why is this so important? In a few days I will be receiving my boxed copy of swift 3D version 2.0, and the cd isn’t going to do much good sitting there.

basically, I had a cd burner and a regular cd rom. My cd rom burnt up. I moved my cd burner up to it’s old position. And it worked for a while. But just yesterday I noticed I can’t play cd’s or anything, my computer doesn’t even recognize the E(cd rom) drive.

How do I fix this? do I need to install some kind of driver? Do I need to change the master/slave thing on the back of the burner?

pleeeease help, I have an awesome flash movie in the works that is awaiting 3-d.

thank you!

I’m not 100% on that… I think that on any decent cd drive you should just be able to plug it into any of the ide slots and have it work
It could be a problem with the bios though. I am not even going to think about trying to walk you through anything involving that though… it’s just too dangerous.

I would at least check in the bios to see if it is being registered by that system before trying anything else.

what model and manufacturer of cd drive are you using?

what is your os?

hmm well there was a message when I restarted that came up quick, something along the lines of “new -something- added for cdrom drive”

but still no avail.

It’s a yamaha light speed burner, I’m using windows 98. In fact I could just burn cd’s about a week ago, I go into my burner program and find out it has no idea where to burn to…


is there a way to go check the bios from my desktop? I’ve never really had to before…

Well like I said. I’m not going to walk you through a bios fix. That sort of thing is best handled by a professional.

You probebly have to reinstal the software for the drive…

The bios is reached by pressing “del” during start up. I warn you that you can do things in there which can make your computer not work. Do not mess around in there unless you know what you’re doing.

that’s cool, thanks for your time though.

Looks like I’m gonna have to call up Microsoft and put another ten bucks in Bill Gates’ un-needing hands…