MX full site help

i am building a full flash site in MX…and i have an intro, and i want it so that when the intro is done it goes into the main site, preferably i would like to have seperate swf files (one for the intro, and one for the mainsite), as bowth will have seperate pre-loaders… can this be done, and if so how…thanx

just split your content on two labels, intro and main (or content, or whatever you choose…), and add the usual 2 or 3 preloading frames there, and the actual content on the frame after.
So: label intro= frame 1,2 and 3 preload, then plays to 4 where the intro is; after that (intro’s finished), you reach label main= frames 5,6 and 7 preload; and frame 8 is your main content…you get the idea…do you? :wink:

I am finishing up a project for a full Flash site.
What I have done is break up each section into seperate .swf’s ranging from 3k - 27k each that are loaded and unloaded at the appropriate time, with an option to skip the intro (which I am working on now along with wiating for client content on the remainder)
But this has worked well for me and the client is very pleased.
Here is a link - mind you its not done :wink: -…/index.htm

Hope this helps!!

Nice footer Vibes !

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