Mx problem

I’m using a preloder component in a flash MX movie. It works fine if the movie has no other components but if the movie does contain other components it seems to load them all before the preloader becomes visible. Does anyone know how I can set the preloader to do its thing before loading the other components?\r\rThanks \rAnt

i’m not sure if this will work, but give it a try:\r1- go into the library and expand the ‘Flash UI Components’ folder.\r2- go down the list of components and do this to every component EXCEPT for the preloader:\r a- right-click on the component.\r b- go to ‘linkage’ and deselect ‘Export in first frame’.\r\rlet us/me know if that works.\r:) \rjeremy

Works a treat thanks\rAnt

interesting… not sure how to do that, though…