My chromless site

Thanks for your help on the margins Kirupa, it really helped. My site isn’t done yet, it just has the intro and the basic start of the design. Also, the little “x” that goes in the corner of the window, how small is it because I don’t have anything showing up, its just a small box.

Since I’m sharing the server with someone, I had to move everything into it’s own folder, so it should now be:

Nice, but you need to use another name before ilyas sees this, “kraut” is a french bad word for German, and since i am German (and he’s French…well, kind of…), i’d get very angry, lol…kiddin’…i like the design so far, check the script to see if you named the close/minimize pics correctly (right path?)…

Well, I don’t know about this French word becuase as far as I know, “kraut” is German for “cabbage”. I looked at the script and it says:

var cD =‘images/close_down.gif’
var cU =‘images/close_up.gif’
var cO =‘images/close_over.gif’

Come on, Eyez… Actually, that’s the first thing I saw when I arrived : “kraut”. And I love SauberKraute.
About the site, I don’t know… What is there to see ? I’ve arrived in a page with an empty menu and a contact button. Anything hidden ??

pom 0]

So are your pics named the same, and in a folder next to the file called images?
If so, they should show…?
See, told you the froggie would make fun of me…and the meaning you got for kraut is correct. Thus my question: why would anybody want to name their site cabbage ?! :slight_smile:

I made a little X to put in the corner of the window and changed the title bar. It now just has the intro and then a scene with a warning about it being under construction. And now that ilyaslamasse told me what to put for the navigation buttons to work, I should have the content part of the site up and working.

I named it “Kraut” because I like the look of the word, I originally was going to have a cabbage be the navigation, but I changed my mind.