My computer crashed

Well, I guess I’m without Flash for almost 2 weeks. My parents were supposed to come and bring me my good computer on Sunday but they ddint’ cuz I was sick. So now they are supposed to come Friday, but now they are thinking that they would rather not. So I might not get my good computer back until I get home for summer vacation on May 15th, and now this computer just crashed on me, and it won’t let me start, uninstall, or reinstall Flash, and I tried both 5 and MX neither is working…Whatever, I have finals coming up I have to study for so I will be around the board, but I don’t have anything to test code on so I’m not going to be of any help to anyone…

Gimme the address of your parents, I’ll send them a mail.

pom 0]

hahaha…its ok Pom. I can deal with this crappy computer, I only have 12 more days of school. I can last, but I will be without Flash. I think I’m going to install it on my roommates computer and kick his ass off his own computer :evil:

Or you could wait out by a Federal bank and wait for some elderly people to come along, cashing their social security checks, and wait till they leave then spray mace in their faces, hit them on the head and take the money and run to the computer store as fast as you can. Just an idea…And I am having problems with my conscience again, so I ask, would that be wrong, or frowned upon nowadays? I guess there would be nothing wrong with it as long as your sincere. Ya, sincereity is in nowadays. Thats the ticket, ya!

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and I thought i was violent, dam…and no Philbert, you don’t have a ** problem ** with your conscience, I just don’t think you have one, or you lost it a while ago…

Just the other day my Conscience spoke to me…My reply was, it’s been a hell of a longtime since I’ve heard from you. Doh!

The mace in the face was probably going overboard, eh? Or was it the hitting them on the head? You see, I just don’t get it as a huge percentage of Americans believe in Evolution, Darwinism and the survival of the Fittest, and you see, this behavior fits right into those thought patterns, beliefs and world outlook. Hmmmm, perhaps it is a belief system without foundation, who knows? :stuck_out_tongue:


most people believe in the whole evolution thing, but I think they feel that, being humans, they are above the survival of the fittest. But whatever, I don’t feel like getting into a debate about evolution and stuff…