Are you people still using flash 5?!

this was a contreversial :q: earlyer this year, though i would bring it back up.

i am not, i use MX.


because a lot of my clients are using Generator, I have to use 5…

But I just bought a book so I can learn the new stuff with MX… :-\

so I guess I would say both… :stuck_out_tongue:


For some reason, Flash MX won’t run on my computer (its a stupid PC for now) LOL…

But I downlaoded the Trial even from MM and when I go to open it says THIS PROGRAM HAS PREFORMED AN ILLEGAL OPERATION and shuts it down :frowning:

I tried and tried :frowning: wasnt happening. I would LOVE to learn on Flash MX , especially since I’m a beginner, but I think I"ll wait until I get my Mac

why are you going to run a vector based program on a Mac? :-\

I would check the tech notes at MM, they must have a patch or something…

I have a 450Mhz machine, and runs MX just fine…

My suggestion: take the same money and buy yourself twice the PC… :stuck_out_tongue:

my 2 cents…


Well from what everyone has told me, a few friends who are big in the Graphic Design/Webdesign industry, have told me to GET A MAC…

They said don’t even bother doing what I do on a PC…

I would bet that was spoken by people who own Macs… :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone has a preference, but I would look very seriously at both… :slight_smile:

I do a lot of graphical stuff, and the limits are not PC oriented, but technology oriented… in other words, a newer PC would do the trick. PC’s also are a lot cheaper to upgrade, trade parts, and find help… :-\

Again, just my opinion…


well opinions are welcome :slight_smile:

yeah, the only thing is on MY experience with PCs, they CRASH all the time LOL!!!

My computer at home has had to be reformatted several times :frowning: Its just frustrating.

Macs don’t break as often and from what I’ve been TOLD most graphic design programs were aimed at being used on Macs.

I’ll look into both though for sure :slight_smile:

It does seem though that the people who use Macs, LOOOVES macs, and the people that use PC’s, LOOVEEE their PC’s! LOL!!!

what OS are you using?

and before you throw it away, try a bigger (more RAM) video card (only a hundred or so bucks)…

It will improve your production by a whole bunch… :stuck_out_tongue: and stop your PC from crashing so much…

just FYI, the only graphics progs designed for the Mac anymore (mostly anyway) is Adobe… even 3ds Max is terrible on the Mac… :-\ lightwave wasn’t released for the Mac for years, and it still sucked… :-\


From what I heard MAC isn’t even going to be building computers anymore soon anyway. I heard they are only going to build OS’s and there notebook laptops. Have you heard anything like that?

As for the post question. I use both 5 and MX depending on what I’m doing.

Yeah, i have…but its windows…and its truth. Trinity, what os are you useing?


my guess is that it is ME?

I have Windows 98 :frowning:

bingo, we have a winner!:stuck_out_tongue:

if you upgrade to either w2000, or XP, I think all of your problems will go away…well crashing problems anyway…



they’re so **** expensive though!!! :frowning:

more expensive than a new Mac?


Speak nicely, keep your ears open, maybe someone will upgrade you… =)

you never know… :-\


I love XP, 2000 kept crashing on me :frowning:

XP for me personally has caused no major problems thus far.

I use Flash MX and love it.

Speak nicely, keep your ears open, maybe someone will upgrade you…

you never know…

I’ll give someone KISSES if they wanna upgrade me :wink:

where are you located?


Send me your email Trinity. I wont discuss this on KirupaForum, but I’ll chat with you about it over emails.

In general I agree and disagree with the mac pc discussion. They are right that you should get away from 98 as soon as possible. I personaly have no problem with 2000 professional except this: You have to find a lot of drivers yourself, online. If you have a lot of older hardware, then the drivers can sometimes be a bit of a pain in the arse to aquire. XP has it’s own problems, but nothing that a legal copy can’t fix. :wink: My point being, it has some seriously interesting safeguards against people using unregistered, or incorrectly registered versions. There are also security issues with it’s default setup. So if you’re going to go that way you should know at least a little bit about setting up the filters and blocks in the Windows operating system.

Macs are really quite nice, despite what Windows and Linux users will tell you. I’d say that the latter are really the only people with a right to say that their OS is superior… except that it’s not. It is superior for someone with Unix knowledge, but it makes less sene then a Mac with regards to the average windows user. It is easy to learn in general, and free, so it tends to be the superior product with regard to that. As a secondary point there are hundreds of thousands (literaly) of Unix programers out there and almost every known piece of hardware has drivers out for it, for that reason. Again though, you have to know where to look, and such. A limitation to the unskilled, or untrainable. Back to Macs though… the system is easy to use, and almost never fails (I say almost and that’s true… I’ve seen Macs freeze when used improperly.), The basic models are far superior to the basic models of the none Mac, but at a cost. For the same price, and a little elbo grease, you can put together a kicking system under a windows or linux OS for the same price.
Programs are a problem too. If you’ve already bought all sorts of things for Windows you have to consider what the replacement cost of those will be in Mac. Unless you buy a top of the line Mac and then run a very stable Unix or Windows system under the ‘Vertual PC’ mode of Mac OSX. It seems redundant, and it still costs 100 bucks or so, it’s still cheaper than replacing everything if you’ve got any sort of developer’s library.

hmm… I think I’ve covered about the whole of it. And I think most Mac, Windows, and Unix people will agree with at least this last sentiment; It’s all about knowledge. If you don’t want to bother learning all about computers because you’re too busy making art, and making money at it (and again, you’ve got the cash) you might want to go with a Mac. If you like tinkering with stuff, like me, or if you are easy to learn new technical things, then you probebly want to get yourself a great system with the same money, run Unix on it, and have a secondary Windows operating system for the rare things that are just plain easier on that system.

Well said david.

I know I fed the discussion fire, but I didn’t mean to. Just my experience with past macs was horrible. I actually have gotten a chance to try the new macs with the OSX… drool…