My entry

Hi, I had no time to make a good entry. But I have maked something fast.

It is based on some paintings of a dutch artist (Mondriaan).

My entry

Hope you will like it!



wow it’s really kool
simple but so koooooooooooooooooooooolllllll:)

i think it’s 0% cool

jadedchron I hope thats a typo add a 10 on the front of that 0% and you might have an idea of what I think of it.

if that was english than maybe i could understand it… apparently you think 0%10 of it …

jadedchron, I’m not telling that you have to like it, but there are ways to say that you don’t like it…

And making fun of someone else’s English isn’t very smart on an international board.


there are… but then again i could just be honest and say it’s 0% cool. based on a previous post. but i’ll take your advice and butter it up.

“i do not gain pleasure from it”

and i wasn’t making fun of his english. if he wants to tell me something in a ignorant way in my language he better learn how

international or not

Oh, but he did say it right.

Since in english we read from Left to Right, putting the 10 on the front of the 0% would make it 100%.

Ok, so you don’t like it :-\

I for one give him credit for trying.

well last time i checked i’m allowed to say i don’t like something. just think how far we would stretch w/out criticism. and if you’ll take note on the time he edited it and the time i posted the comment. hrmmm. anyway let’s not drag this out to some big crapola. i don’t like it. so what. end of story

Well, one thing:

just think how far we would stretch w/out criticism
I’m not sure your criticism is helpful here. :-\ I mean, if I say “Man, you suck horribly, but hey, don’t hold it against me, just think how far we would stretch w/out criticism”… well, you see what I mean.

To tell you the truth, I like the idea of this fla, but not the way it was made either. There, I said it.

pom :cowboy:

I like the idea too, but I actually question if it was done with actionscript.

It looks like frames and tweens to me… I could be wrong though.

BTW: Criticism is pointing out what you don’t like, so they know what they could fix… but everyone is entitle to their own opinion, that is why I said “Ok, so you don’t like it” :slight_smile: Because it is your opinion and you are allowed to have it.

Kinda cool. Maby more for the student taking art-classes or something…

Anyway, should probably speed up the framerate a bit - it didnt look too good when the camera did the sweeping diagonally (ie. x+1, y+1…thats “diagonally”, right? Dont want to upset the guy who f***s with people with poor english. “MY language.” “MY”. A borderline rascist, and extremely arrogant, remark. ****, for every decent american like lostinbeta on forums, trying to create a nice atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, theres like ten jerks like that dude sabotaging the whole thing. Is that how you normally relate to eachother at home, or is that condescending tone only used in contact with people from other countries?)

Unfortunately that is life. There is always someone that wants to ruin it for someone else.

Jadedchron was banned from this forum a few weeks ago. He created a big scene in one of the threads which led to like 10 pages of arguments (mostly between him and I) because he believed he was supplying sufficient facts that a majority of the mods on this forum (inlcuding myself) were idiots and didn’t know anything about anything. He thought that just because David (another mod) wanted to write a long post on his opinion that he would complain about how only “retards” could write long posts because if someone was smart they would be able to condense it into a few lines. Anywho, this started a big argument, he offended a majority of the Mods and Kirupa himself, so he was banned for good, which is what people like that deserve.

Oh yeah: His only fact for his defense was that his “college professor” told him smart people write shorter things.

let me get the pedestal for you beta-sure know how to make a point when there’s no defense :slight_smile:

Well I didn’t ask, nor do I need one, but if you think I do, then by all means, thanks for the pedestal.

I see you weren’t banned by IP, or you were, you are just on a different computer, I suppose we can take care of that shortly enough.