My first full flash site

If anybody could give me any comments or suggestions on this site it would be great. It’s the first thing I ever built in FLash 5. The only action script it realy hs are goto statments because I didn’t know much action script then.

PS. Its in a greyscale color scheme because the people I built it for wanted it that way. Also I had nothing to do with the HTML page. I only built the splashpage.

Comments From anyone, especialy the moderators, would be great.

Nice. I take it you finished the book :cool:

Also I noticed when you post twice in a row, I can play the two instances of the destroyer game!

Thanx for the comments. I’m close to done the book now but when I built the site I hadn’t read anything yet. The only flash traning I had was the tutotials that com with Flash 5. I wish I would have waited until I knew more action script. The site could have looked alot better.

I hope you and other people get a kick out of the Tie Destroyer game. The randomness might not be great but it works. What rank did you get?

PS. Do you know of any good random action tutorials. Also big thanxs again for your help with that tab system. That action script works great.

I’ve sent a tutorial to Kirupa of part 1 of a first person shooter. If it gets put up and if anyone’s interested, I’ll do the other parts which includes enemies appearing from random places, etc.

Like I said before I use flash mainly for games and most of them involve random movements, simple - to more complex. The random movement tutorial on this site is quite useful too.

I was going to say, to change the cursor to a sight (in the game), also make the ships come in the middle of the screen, because right now they’re a tease! I went through an easy way to make a gun sight in the tutorial.

If you want I’ll send you the fla.

You could expand the game alot more, but it’s a footer so not sure if you’d want to.

I was going to do a game as a footer, but you beat me to it.

Oh, the ships do come through the middle - have you changed it?

No I havn’t changed it but thats what I’m talking about. Some times the random aperance works great and some times you play and mabye one ship goes throug the middle. If you want to post that FLA I’ll gladly go through it. Every thing I can read helps me to learn more.

I will change the cursor to a sight thatnks for the suggestion. I also might build a larger scale version of the game for online play. This one will have more ships worth differnyt points like Tie bombers, Star Detroyers, and a bouns Death Star. I also might let you play as Imperial Forces and get to destroy X-wings, A-wings, and Bouns Melenium Flacon. Any other ideas would help.