My first pixelart - animated :)


Hehe! Thx ryall for insipiring me! :slight_smile:
My first pixel art! Nothing much but it’s a start!
I added a flash animation to it!
My First PixelArt - Animated!
PS! Drag the Window Smaller so the flash anim would be about 400x400 <— makes the movie speed right and looks nicer! :slight_smile:


Cool. Pixel art is the new trend here at kirupaforum. Before it was grunge…lol.

I am about to start a thread of my own for my creation :slight_smile:


I like it though it takes much time and patience!
that was created by one day: the day that is about to end in a few hours! man this takes time!


LOL, yeah I know… I didn’t realize how much time it takes.

It is crazy! But it is soooo fun when you start getting into it :slight_smile:


very nice job! now i gotta make an animated [email protected]!


Very nice, I like the animated part.

I love pixel art, it does take ages but its worth it when you make something that you can look at and be proud of. If it only took a few minutes then you wouldn’t feel as though you’ve achieved much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Its like playing god when you get into it! :bad:

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Wow, seems like an expert joined in. Welcome to the boards Soul.

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Thx for the warm welcome h88 :beam:

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