My first real PS work!

It´s done, I spend 1 hour working with it, I trace an image of Penelope Cruz in Flash, then import it into PS, apply some filters, a couple of brushes and voilá! I think its not that bad for my first attemp :stuck_out_tongue: what do u think?? gimme suggestions and critiques, Ive always used fireworks but I think its time for me to move on :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool.

why did u trace it in Flash?

´cause I dont have illustrator and I dont know how to in PS :slight_smile: ( I know pretty stupid)

if anyone want it as a wallpaper just tell me :smiley:

Since this is your first photoshop graphic, I won’t say it sucks. Because it doesn’t. For a first, this is actually really good. You already got the new trendy style down. I like the fact that even though you traced, it was made by you entirely.

Seems like you have some of the photoshop stuff down already.

Either way, good job :thumb:.

:smiley: thanks shaf! Ill keep praticing, someday I`ll be like you :wink: lol

More C&C always welcome! :slight_smile:

Lol, “looking up the the daddy of photoshop”…j/k :thumb:.

jaja :smiley: yeah right!..

personally i don’t like the white line thingys… kinda like scan lines but not. I think they just make it look annoying because the image is broken up slightly, but in an irregular way.

jmo, it looks really good overall - even the choice of pink :slight_smile:

thanks, yes some people have told me that maybe it would look better without the pastel filter, just solid, Ill make some changes, about the pink color, I didnt pick it :stuck_out_tongue: but I dont know I started to like it :slight_smile:

I really like the ‘scan lines’ it goes well with the futuristic/ digital look of the image. The background is nice too, really subtle.

I think those scanlines were made with a filter.

Berk - ya workin on anything else lately in PS =)?

yes shaf, I´ll post it soon, but until monday cause tomorrow Im going to the beach! :player: :hugegrin: :sailor: :beer: