My flash animation it´s going to appear on MTV latinamerica!

Really cool berk! Congratulations :thumb:

wow! thank u very much guys! :love: :thumb: Im glad u guys like it! :pleased:

What’d you expect? A whistle?

T’Vs pretty big man - make sure you submit one introducing the HKT, draw some characters and make a whole animation. And definetly don’t forget to put you name on it. It’s TV man, SPAM. SPAM I say…

Man I wish they had some kind of Flash show here in the States.

Anyway… congratulations berk!

thanks all :thumb:
Im already planning my next and its going to have our team members and propaganda for kirupa :smiley:

Can’t wait :).

Oooooh, looks great! :slight_smile:

( bit scary, my first post that’s not in the gmail thread :wink: )

Is that the final version, the one thats going to be shown on TV? Looks awesome, you should put your name at the end in the credits.

Its awesome :love:

yeah i really dig it - nicely done. congrats! :thumb:

thanks! :love:

My name and country appears at the beggining and at the end of the animation :slight_smile:

Oh man berko thats so awesome :krazy: Ahh Im jelous! That would be so cool to have a flash be played to the world. Flash animations are getting so big. Everyone in my school even starts to try because Flash is installed on the computers. Now MTV has Flash TV shows. Amazing…

Congrats man!


lol, VIVA! :party:

it would be so cool if everyone could watch it on TV :frowning:

I think Kirupa should start a section on the forums for Flash animation…hey, we have “kool sites” :sure:

Well congrats on making it onto tv and making a cool animation [SIZE=1]on the game I only played a couple of times a didn’t like[/SIZE]

well I am gonna get my *** whipped by 10,000 pre-pubecent nerdy kids.

Good luck on winning the cell phone hehe


Who is looking over he shoulder a lot lately

Hey Berko, that’s awesome mate, congratz!

What a publicity for our HKT :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the animation a time ago as well, but I still love it, great work man :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Hey man that was great :wink: Nice work on the animation

:sure: that´s not a bad idea…

Thanks again, glad u guys like it :stuck_out_tongue: