My First Flash Site

Hi everyone,

Please visit my first flash site and give me some feedback:


you have already posted that here before and we all saw it… or at least i remember looking at it… my one opinion is that it lacke creativity, excitement and overall artistic talent [no offense]

my ideas would be to add some shapes… some sort of weird designs… something… blur this, speed up that… things like that… its too plain overall i guess is what i am getting to.

tryin to help… =] oh and shouldnt this topic be under ‘site check’ section?

i think your site is good content wise. and in the idea of it. What brings your site down is the execution of these elements. I would suggest you look through some of flashkits featured sites for inspiration.

lol i sound like an as$hole… heh sorry bro… not meant like that at all. i had to reread it again to see =]

i think it is v.good for your first attemp…u should have seen my first flash orintated site…IT sucked!!! :lol:

now that u have got the basics of flash…as the others say…why not try spicing it up a bit…

a bit of animation wouldn’t go a miss…

overall…well done…


dude that site wasn’t made in flash! that was made in swish, i betchya.

on the tute for making sites on swish ((yawn)) it has that same site but u changes all the words to shark stuff. and your intro, thats done on swish too. im so sure of it.

but well done. swish is so boring u to use i give u all the credit for doing it.