My game crashes help me

ok I have a good almost planned and made all i need to do is put it together…

I have finished the introduction and need to add the weapon,enemy bots, life bar and ammo.

I put alot of sound effects and music and my mvoe is 3.3mb long before I even added any computer controled players…

everytime I add a hude moveclip of a player a window will say
“cannot do this command due to an unkown error”

is this a common error when you make a large game or movie?

I even reduced the quality of sound and it still sucks…

Well, size doesn’t have anything to do with the problem, that’s for sure. It should make no difference if your swf is 100k or 100gig (shudder) there shouldn’t be any errors if it’s put together properly.

I would say, if it’s an unknown error that you’re probebly going to have to rebuild the game. Maybe even from scratch. Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions.