My latest 3DS Max Wallpapers

Nothing great, but please tell me what you think.
Thanks :),
Dhruv aka Lightning



I prefer the first one. Very messy, very “grunge” in the No-Tec way.

pom :elderly:

I like the first one too…

sorta techno-grungey like…

the first two, i hate the text in the third one, the rough around the edges is what i like about the first one, and i love the colours in the second one.:A+: 8]

Good point mdipi… The text looks weird in the 3rd one…

Nice 3ds max random modelling, you should start to focus a little more on photoshop, thats where the big difference will be in a good and an awsome wallpaper, the 3d element os again only just an element!

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: