My Logos

Hey guys, here are some logos that I had to make at college for a TV channel called ‘eTV’

Heres what I came up with… (attached) :bounce:

What do you think? Opinions please? And favourites!

  • Soul :goatee:



(theres 5)…



(finally lol)

  • Soul :goatee:

I like the first and the third one! But the rest is good too!

the third one for sure !! :slight_smile:

i like the 3rd one

Yep, I prefer the third one too.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

see ? everyone likes the thrid one !!

The third one seems to have more promise and is a lil more eye catching. The others seem like logos for your evening news. What kind of crowd is your e tv going to attract that plays a big role in my decision. Maybe one of the others would be better depending on crowd type

you can´t judge a logo on pretty/ugly bases.

you have to know the concept behind the art, what is the target public? for what kind of company is this logo? what are the services that this company provides? … :-\


Its a college TV channel, for 16 - 18 year olds.

  • Soul :goatee:

3 is the one that fits best for that target audience…

i would say that #3 is good, at least the best of this batch…

but i think that logos for tv, need to have a better formed shape, er… how can i put this… :-
they need to have a more regular shape, am i clear? (i think not)

plus, the e is too ■■■■ alike the e of the M$ internet explorer for my taste, i´m not saying that you made this on porpose, but you are very talented, and you can do so much better than this. :wink:

try to make the elements of your logo forming an equilibrium, not fighting with each other (too small e X too big tv), unless it has a meaning behind…

Cheers :phil:

Guigo has a point about the shape. an iregualr shape can casue problems with a logo. I kind of liek the second one actually. It is a little dark though.

Combine the 1st one with the 3rd one and you’ll have a kicka$$ logo. I like the splat effect of the 3rd one, but then again I also like how the “e” overlaps the “tv” on the first one, but then again, that’s just me. :smirk:

i am with you elec, and maybe not tilt it, but if those are it…the 3rd. :beam: