My Mask is grayed out, Never done this before :(

Good evening all,
Something has just occured to me that has never happened before. I created a mask on its own layer but when I right click on it the mask is grayed out unallowing me to enable it. Can anyone tell me what is up with that and what to do? Thanks a bunch,

No idea what’s happening there. What are you using as your mask?

Probably the easiest thing to do is try it again from the beginning. Create everything you want to go under the mask and lock the layers. Create a new layer, and place the mask shape there. Perhaps try not using a symbol, but just a physical shape. Then right click on the layer label, and select Mask. This should do it without any problems.

Thanks Kit,
Exactly what I did, I just went over it from the top, and here is what I found. I don’t remember it doing this in older version. But I have 3 other masks on same MC and I would used to make a new layer and when you slide it down to what ever position on the timeline it would always be ok until you actually drag and drop it inside another mask, but it seems in this case, if you make a layer and drag it to the bottom, and there is already a bunch of layers in there that is being occupied by a mask, it will automatically mask this one… So to make a long story short…LOL… I was trying to make a mask within a mask without knowing it. ( I have so many layers going at the time.) So I am back going again :slight_smile: Thanks a bunch for your help. TTYL,

Whoa, no wonder you were havinging problems there. :slight_smile: