My new lcd tv


i got a new 37" LCD HDTV and it’s bomb. but i have some questions for others out there that know about these tv screens.

is it safe to say that normal tv channels look pretty bad on these widescreen, hdtv monitors? it seems that normal tv channels look better on normal tvs. are there some adjustments i have to make to the lcd tv?

should dvds look good on my new tv? i haven’t tried any hd programming yet(i know it will look really good), but why does normal tv and dvd playback look like crap?

it’s really my dad’s tv. he’s pissed that dvds and normal tv look like crap. he’s convinced that he doesn’t know how to set the tint and stuff on it. he’s like “tomorrow i’m going to have a professional come out here and adjust the tints and stuff”. lol. what the **** is he thinking right? his only solution is to get high def channels. right?