My new portofolio site (PLEASE TAKE A LOOK)

Its actually my 2nd site im working at.

Enter Original-D

If you wanna take a look at my other site :

Any advice or comments will be helpfull


excellent work, original d!

very good job creating atmosphere…in both!
your music is very good quality also, but the loops kind of arent flowing perfectly - thats prolly just my comp though

i like the new one alot…KEEP WORKIN!

oh yea and on your splash page with the spider/mech/thing
change the bg color possibly? or maybe have the pic fade into it or something

whats your plan for navigation?

woooo =) thanx alot.
I’m still working on the loop. Sorry but i didnt understand what you meant wit : Whats Your plan for the navigation???

well, whats your plan when users click on buttons - i.e. animations, transition, etc

overall interactivity just curious

hmmmm I actually don’t know yet. Im thinkin of beginning a whole new site. I don’t know, it always happens to me. Always want better :slight_smile: