My next job!

Alright, so this is really exciting. My friend I have known for years recently started a business doing video editing and stuff. He asked me a while back if, cause he was putting an ad in the phone book, if I wanted to be contracted out by them and be in the ad, for web design. I said sure, sounds great. I had told him many times I could make him a site, but he kept saying something about his partner making the site. (the phone book ad isn’t the cool thing, just something that may lead to cool things ;))
So he called me today and asked if I wanted to still make him a site, and I am so stoked! He for some reason bought some template for 30 dollars and just wants me to fill it in, but, oh well; what the customer wants, the customer gets I guess. I told him many times I could make one of those probably in DW, I mean, I never have, but, I think I could figure out the slice tool and such okay… whatever, that’s besides the point. He offered me 100 dollars, and I told him I was thinking he wanted it free (he’s a good friend, so I wouldn’t have minded to get the reference). But he said no, he’ll pay me 100. I am so excited to get a new project, and start building my portfolio. And I was thinking even if he gives me this template thing, if I really don’t like it, I can finish that up quick and then start maybe making him something more… I offered a flash intro, and he’s gonna give me some material to work with. I am excited!
BTW, anyone know much about these templates, I had seen them around, but they seemed like a ripoff, real amatuerish… well I mean they look fine, but I always say why pay for something when you can do it yourself. Good thing people looking for freelance don’t think that way!

Hey, I just put up the template for my friend thought I would show youse guys. It’s really not much, I jsut changed some words.

i like it :thumb:

yeah looks good :beer:

I am not a big fan of the white sliced up areas all the way through, but I do like the layout and the colours for sure.

Congrats on your job :slight_smile:

now I wish I had made this. It was jsut a template, so all I did was change the text. It’s what he wanted. But now I get to try to make pages similar in style to this with different content. And I’m probably gonna erase some of the text in the psd so I can just use text instead of an image in the html.
thanks guys. I hope this goes well; they are getting ansy about it going up and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Quick tip, if hes a friend, he wont mind a small contract between you two. Write your agreements down on paper…

I’ve gotten Screwed so many times (and recently) to people who were supposivly were my friend. (Bastages!)


good advice, but I wouldn’t mind not getting money or anything as I think (if I ever get this done!) it will be good for my portfolio and it seems like a rather simple site. But then again haha…
And I know his character. If I get screwed though, I’ll let cha know.

I think I didn’t understand this when I read it, but today I relalized that there was some issue with a <p> tag breaking up the tables and off centering them around the form. I fixed that, added a style sheet, and changed some of the images with flat bgs to jsut text. Am I on the right track? I’ve never used a template, but this feels like the right track. I’m actually starting to like it!

cool man, have you gotten many web design jobs before? I’m about the same age as you if you were truthful in your profile, and im starting to get jobs for the first time too. Its exciting!!

Oh I may need to update my profile, I am 20 now as of two weeks monday ago. Not sure if it checks on a dob or an age I input myself, so I’ll check. Anyway, I’m 20. I did have one web design job (sort of). The people were hard to keep in touch with, and it fell apart, but I don’t care, they sucked haha. I probably need a bit more of a professional attitude…

Nice work… I don’t like doing bisness with friends… Could turn out bad… that’s why he wants to pay you… because free work is next to nothing… and a 100 bucks is worth the while…

Update and question:

Okay so I’ve been getting quite a bit done on the site, fixed up the areas that were bad. Althugh I’m still basically just taking things they are making and slicing and putting some html in. The fun will come when they need php/mysql. Anyway, I have a problem that I don’t think I can solve, but I was wondering what you all think.

The domain that the people I’m working with bought (before I started the job), is adding a little orange bar.

I told them that it seems to be something from the people they bought the domain from. He keeps saying it’s because of something with the DNS, but I don’t know anything about what a DNS is, but I am fairly certain it’s something on the domains end and not anything with my site. So the question:

what’s DNS, or why is the orange bar there?

thanks if this gets low responses I’ll start a new thread.