My old website, should it become new?

Hi, I spent a lot of time building this webfolio a coule of years ago, and because I am in need of a new one, i was thinking to change the graphics of this instead of making a new one. I would welcome any suggestion or critics about the one I have done and the one that I should do, Thanks :crazy:

dearie me, change the whole thing quickly…

yeah, i’d go with a redesign.

all im getting is a teal box :frowning:

I’d go for a re-design. It’s not that that site is bad, it’s just really hard to navigate and really slow. It’s a bit too simply and line based to look professional or flashy.

“The goggles! They do nothing!”

:wink: I’d re-design aswell. The site is pretty cool, but you’ve got some hard-core framerate issues going on. It hurts to watch something when it is choppy. Nice ideas though. I liked the concept. Just streamline it.

Make a new one!

total overhaul needed

hahaha… Man I got the menu items to spin and then it’s next to impossible to select something… they’re just flying around in circles.