My old website, should it become new?

Hi, I spent a lot of time building this webfolio a coule of years ago, and because I am in need of a new one, i was thinking to change the graphics of this instead of making a new one. I would welcome any suggestion or critics about the one I have done and the one that I should do, Thanks :crazy:

dearie me, change the whole thing quickly…

yeah, i’d go with a redesign.

all im getting is a teal box :frowning:

I’d go for a re-design. It’s not that that site is bad, it’s just really hard to navigate and really slow. It’s a bit too simply and line based to look professional or flashy.

“The goggles! They do nothing!”

:wink: I’d re-design aswell. The site is pretty cool, but you’ve got some hard-core framerate issues going on. It hurts to watch something when it is choppy. Nice ideas though. I liked the concept. Just streamline it.

Make a new one!

total overhaul needed

hahaha… Man I got the menu items to spin and then it’s next to impossible to select something… they’re just flying around in circles.

Yeah, you need a new one. Remember to get very visible preloaders and as Disco Stu said, remember to make it smooth. It’s not nice to see if it’s choppy.

the navigation is just wounded. the rest of it really isnt bad. but, id redesign it to because you can more than likely do a lot better now.

ROFLMAO!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

I’d go for a re-design but I’d be very happy if you just changed the colour scheme and put some graphics in there.