My Pc have a Viruse. Over 350 files are infected. :(

My good old pc is infected by a Virus called PE Parite.A

I run a scan in

More than 350 files are infetcted with is virus.

The virus is not that strong and deadly but its on the low level.
I just hope I can remove the infected files.

The file was downloaded by Kazza lite :frowning:

I canot run any exe files…
Im treing to add a attach IMAGE but I get a error.

O God help me :frowning:

i guess its time to format your HD do a regular format if that doesnt work then get real drastic and perform a low level format that should take care of everything :beam:

If this Virus dos not get out of my good old pc I must wait for my new pc next week but I must format the HD and reinstall windows 98 agein…

I must be carefull when downloading files from Kazza.

kazaa sucks h@ppy horse sh!t, and every other p2p app, irc is the way my fellow padawan :beam:

That will take care of it if you are able to install…

ouch d00d sorry to hear it

I had this one too. You can download a removal program from

Yeah I feel new now.

I reinstalled windows and with windows XP pro now. The pc runs fast. :love:

I will install the AVG program thanx for the link.

I will not use kazza any more, or maybe a litte.
Now my pc is like new.

I whanted to post a secreenshot of the virus search but I canot becouse I get a error from the windows 98.
The virus attack all .exe files.

*Originally posted by grimdeath *
**kazaa sucks h@ppy horse sh!t, and every other p2p app, irc is the way my fellow padawan :beam: **

Nope! Direct Connet is the way me fellow padawan :beam:

dude I have only 9 GB of space to share on Direct Connect.
The program is good but not for me :sigh:


*Originally posted by s-fx *
**Nope! Direct Connet is the way me fellow padawan :beam: **

I guess you do not know how to use irc effectively, no offense but irc was one of the first p2p app and its still around so im sticking to it till something better more stabler and secure comes out :wink:

eMule is fantastic for large files. Give it a shot.

bit torrent anyone?

great for people on school’s servers that won’t allow p2p programs like kazaa.


LOL my schools pc did have security system. I uninstalled it now I use kazza in my schools pc, because it have very fast connection.


Are you sure eMule is a good program. Please say so before I downlaod it. :slight_smile:

it is very good. it’s not very fast, but you will always get the file you actual want. and they’re normally of very high quality.

thanx. I will download the program. :slight_smile: